Parts and Repairs

Authorized Century dealers carry many replacement parts in stock and can order anything that you many need to repair your cap or tonneau. Please provide them with the serial number of your cap or tonneau so they can precisely determine any parts or repairs that you may need.

Can I bring my cap to Century for repair?

Your local Century dealer can remove your truck cap or cover and put it on our delivery truck to be returned to the factory. It will be repaired and returned as quickly as possible. To locate a Century dealer near you, use the zip code search tool above.

How do I get my warranty or repair service for my Century product?

Warranty claims and repair services are provided by Century Dealers. While it is best to return to the Dealer where you purchased your product if you have a warranty claim or service need, any authorized Century Dealer can help. Make sure you take a copy of your original sales receipt with you - it is required for warranty services.

Replacement Keys

Contact your nearest authorized Century dealer for replacement or duplicate keys. 

Century Replacement Logo

Check with your Century Dealer. They often have logos on hand. If not, contact us with your request. Make sure you include your street address in your e-mail. Whenever possible, we replace logos as a courtesy for our customers.