Care and Maintenance


How long should I wait to wash my tonneau?

Our paint manufacturers recommend NOT washing or waxing your new tonneau for the first 90 days (see below).  After that time, we suggest routine washing with a mild car soap rag or sponge.  Apply a quality paste wax designed for automotive finishes twice a year.  Should you need a deep cleaning of the surface due to oxidation, we suggest using products designed for fiberglass restoration, readily availbale at RV and marine outlets. 


Why do I have to wait 90 days before I wax my new Century cap or tonneau?

Our paint suppliers make this recommendation to allow their paint to fully cure and harden; they make the same recommendations for new car and truck paints.  Because of our rapid delivery schedules, CENTURY products are often delivered just days after they are painted.  Waxing has the potential to damage the fresh paint until it is fully cured.


What kind of routine maintenance do you recommend for my new truck cap? 

Our cap engineers suggest the following: (1) check the tightness of clamps after the first week of operation, then again every 6 months; (2) clean the track on sliding windows and twist windows regularly to remove any dirt or debris; (3) apply a dry silicone, such as Camie 999, in the track to provide continually easy operation (4)  lubricate push buttons and lever arms every 3 to 6 months, or as needed, using lithium grease or equivalent.